An Ideal Week in Hawaii

We were off to Honolulu! After many, many hours of travel we were in Hawaii! I couldn't believe it! The bright blue Pacific Ocean, the mountains, the beaches, and oh my, the resort! We started out at Disney's Aulani Resort.

While I was Wandering Pearl Harbor

Visiting Pearl Harbor

Last week I turned our photo calendar over to November and saw we picked a picture of the beaches of Normandy for November. As we have travelled, we have visited WW1 and WW2 museums in England, battlefields in France, and concentration camps in Germany. Across all of those travels we’ve visited memorials and military cemeteries for French, German, and American troops. This past summer we went to Hawaii. In addition to the typical beaches, resorts, pools, and luaus (more posts to come!) we went to Pearl Harbor.

My Window to the World

My Window to the World

I started a new job earlier this year.  We are all working remotely now, and I will continue to do so since I live 1,000 miles from the office. That’s a little bit too long to commute. As I’ve met people, I realize with video calls we are providing co-workers a peek into our world – more so than in an office. When I worked in offices, I would bring in a family photo or two, and the greatest peek into our post-work lives was what we chose to share about weekends with each other.

Maison Callier Tour

Traveling the World Through our Kitchen

Like everyone, our wanderlust has been put on pause for almost a year. As we faced months at home my husband and I made a commitment to not gain COVID lockdown weight. We embarked on the Mayo Clinic Diet, which the book teaches is not a diet, but a lifestyle. But this lifestyle change means a lot of veggies, turkey breast, fish (a new thing for me!), and a lot, and I mean A LOT, of boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Visiting Disney in a New World

My husband and I are Disney fans. Part of the reason we moved to Florida was to be closer to Disney World. We finally made it to California's Disneyland in 2015. We even added a day to each of our trips to France to include visits to Disneyland Paris. At one point point in time my childhood goal was to be Alice in the parks when I grew up, and as an adult that dream grew into working in a Disney marketing department.

Rediscovering Legos as Adults

People who know us know we are regulars at Disney World. In general, on most trips to Disney we also visit Disney Springs shopping district. There has been a Lego store in Disney Springs for years. We always visit this shop. In the past we were fascinated by the detail achieved in replicating world landmarks in plastic bricks. Another benefit of visiting the store was its abundant air conditioning, a great break on many humid Florida days.

Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains

After five months of sticking around the house it had finally arrived - August! Way back before COVID-19 was a part of our daily vocabulary we planned a family trip to Asheville, NC to celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary. After lots of "will it happens?", "can we goes?", and "are there travel quarantines?" August was here and we all decided to go.