Rediscovering Legos as Adults

People who know us know we are regulars at Disney World. In general, on most trips to Disney we also visit Disney Springs shopping district. There has been a Lego store in Disney Springs for years. We always visit this shop. In the past we were fascinated by the detail achieved in replicating world landmarks in plastic bricks. Another benefit of visiting the store was its abundant air conditioning, a great break on many humid Florida days.

Last year I finally broke down and purchased a Lego set for my husband for his birthday. Since are both Francophiles, naturally the first set I picked was the French bistro/restaurant. We absolutely loved building this set. I enjoyed the logic, sorting, creativity, stories, and architecture. My husband had fun building something that reminded him of our travels.

Our Lego collection grew very quickly to include a garage, and then last Christmas I added a town square to our growing street. Then came the pandemic. That meant a lot of weekends at home and a lot of time on our hands. Guess what we did with that time? We quickly grew our Lego street to include a bookstore, diner, and coffee stand. Then we started buying cars, vans, food trucks, boats, and mini-figures. Now, for each season we also decorate our street. You can see we have a snow plow clearing the way for the town’s Christmas tree! We decorated for Halloween as well!

In addition to these items, as some know I am a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan, and more specifically an Iron Man fan. Guess what? Lego has MCU sets! As my husband was busy in his office building up our street, I was in my office building Avengers Compound, Avengers Tower, Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, and Tony Stark’s house, garage, and Hall of Armor.

I even built an “art portrait” of Iron Man. I especially enjoyed this. It was really relaxing, and it reminded me a lot of my other hobby, counted cross stitch. It follows the same logic and theory. It was really satisfying to watch the portrait come together with each dot I added.

We also have the Disney train station, and the train actually runs! Amazing. Plus, we rebuilt Sesame Street. What a great way to bring back memories of childhood favorites as adults. We also have a tree house and pirate ship on display. My husband jokes we need to move to a bigger house with a Lego room!

Now, it’s Christmas and of course we have Christmas sets too! Last year we built the Christmas Fire House and Gingerbread House (complete with a baby gingerbread cookie!). This year we added the Elf Cabin and advent wreath to our collection.

In addition to Lego being a fun activity to fill time, it is also a great creative outlet. As we build these, or create our street I find myself making up stories about what is going on with the mini figures. Are those two arguing? Is she going to say yes to the proposal? What is he going to order from the food truck? Who knows, you just might see some blog posts on the adventures of these minifigures!

As if our Lego love isn’t evident enough, we have even become Lego minifigures ourselves! With our personalized minifigures we are now a part of the story.

Even after I take off my Lego fan hat, I still have an admiration for Lego as a marketing professional. In the past year they have started using the “Adults Welcome” tagline – targeting people just like me. They have also reformatted their box designs to appeal more to adults, model builders, and collectors. How brilliant. Lego realized all of us kids who grew up with Legos (or people like me who had a brother grow up on them) are out here as adults now, and though it may be dormant, our love of Legos remains! My husband and I have certainly had our love of Legos restored! Now, back to building!

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