My Window to the World

My Window to the World

I started a new job earlier this year.  We are all working remotely now, and I will continue to do so since I live 1,000 miles from the office. That’s a little bit too long to commute.

My Window to the World
How My Co-Workers Know Me

I’ve met many co-workers virtually – either through video meetings or using our organization chart with photos.

As I’ve met people, I realize with video calls we are providing co-workers a peek into our world – more so than in an office. When I worked in offices, I would bring in a family photo or two, and the greatest peek into our post-work lives was what we chose to share about weekend activities with each other.

Now, people know without asking or me volunteering that I like Disney, have a collection of Beatrix Potter character figurines, went to Penn State, and my Lego love is on full display. If they look carefully at my Legos, they will find out I am a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, more specifically an Iron Man fan.

My Window to the World
My Window to the World

This doesn’t bother me, since most people who read this blog also know most of these items. The only thing missing is my love for France. Maybe I need to get a Paris skyline Lego kit!

As an introvert, I think this new way of working has helped me get to know people better versus meeting in an office. We are all a little more relaxed in our home environments, and seeing into each other’s worlds creates easy talking points. Some of us have learned common likes, travel experiences, colleges, and more that we may not have learned as fast as we did if in an office, or ever. I probably wouldn’t share my Lego love with a member of senior management the first time we met in the office, but doing so online created a more relaxed introduction and common talking point.

Since I will remain remote, I’ll need to remember that the window into my office is always open. Maybe I’ll decorate it for Halloween and Christmas! I am pretty certain more Lego displays will be added since we have a few unopened kits in my office (those are off camera, so no one sees that). Maybe if I’m in a playful mood I should turn a picture on the wall upside down and see if anyone notices that!  

One thought on “My Window to the World

  1. nriegl says:

    Sarah – So well said! I like your approach to this topic as an introvert and finding the positives. I’m also thrilled to be working with you again. Seeing you on video is much more fun than our audio calls when we worked together previously and you were remote.

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