While I was Wandering: Hello 2019!

Hello Again! Back on Track in the New Year

While I was Wandering got sidetracked for a while, but now I’m back — and so are the blog posts!

Just when the new year was starting with resolutions and all the promises we make to ourselves for a new year, I had to take an unexpected detour for a few weeks.

While I was Wandering: Hello 2019!

While I was Wandering: Hello 2019!

This past weekend, we were at the beach with our daughter and I picked up this partial sand dollar. It’s been beat up, rolled around, and crashed ashore by the Gulf. It is not what it was once (or what it planned, if sand dollars make plans), but it is still a beautiful sand dollar.

I feel like that sand dollar.  I’ve had to take an unexpected detour, but now I’m back on track. I’m ready for travels, lots of Disney visits, a summer vacation, a big birthday for my husband, to watch a new grandchild grow up, see another winning football season, to grow and learn more at work, and have tons of fun along the way — oh yeah, and the usual resolutions to work out more and lose weight!

While I was Wandering I got detoured, but now I’m back on track. Let the adventures begin!

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Hello Again! Back on Track in the New Year

  1. Daniel Hutcheson says:

    Hi Sarah, Good to hear that you’re back on track. It’s Wednesday (1-30) and as I write this it’s -2 degrees outside at 7:00 P. and a nice comfortable 71 degrees in our house. Later, when we are watching tv, I’ll fire up the fireplace and get the living room up to 80 or so degrees. For the coming weekend, we are supposed to be in the 40’s and 50’s !!!!!!. We are going to a birthday party this Saturday eve – not just an ordinary bd party but a big gala event for Red Shapiro who is celebrating 95 years. Back in the day, Red had the hottest, most popular night club in Akron. We used to go there with your parents and many others. This party is at Tangier’s in Akron in the main ballroom. Red celebrated his 90th at Tangier’s and it was a blast !! Our favorite band, LaFlavour is playing again for this one. And then it’s Super Bowl Sunday — about the only Football game I watch. I primarily watch the commercials and take breaks during the game. Again, glad you’re back — t-t you later.

    Love, Dan & Cheryl       


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