While I was Wandering: Normandy American Cemetery

A Thankful Memorial Day

As we enter into Memorial Day I am realizing I don’t think I’ll ever look at Memorial Day the same way again. After visiting Normandy last summer this holiday holds a little more significance for me from now on.

While I was Wandering: Normandy American Cemetery

While I was Wandering: Normandy American Cemetery

We saw and stood where troops landed, died, and are buried and realized the challenges in what they did in 1944 to give us the freedom we have today. This is and was an emotional and awesome trip to take. When I say awesome I don’t mean “cool”, I mean you will walk away awestruck at the challenges that were undertaken – and won. Whether it was wading through choppy, rainy, and eventually blood stained water, climbing up an seemingly unclimb-able cliff into enemy fire, or building a harbor where none existed before, these men did this in the name of freedom.

We walked amongst the 9,000+ graves, representing only 40% of the casualties in the D-Day period of time.

The bravery it took to do what they did is inspiring. As we enjoy this long weekend, we will also take time to say thank you to troops past and present.

Have a happy, safe, and most importantly – thankful Memorial Day.

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