RIP Dishwasher

Finding a Mystery Leak

Well, I had the best of intentions this year to keep my blog updated on a regular basis, but then there was a pandemic. We have pretty much stayed at home since March 8. We are both working from home. You would think that means misadventures would not happen, but a pretty wet one happened last weekend.

Dishwasher Blues

Is it a leak or a ding?

Is it a leak or a ding?

After my husband dropped his (full) drink cup on the floor the other day we started cleaning the floor and wall. All of a sudden I wondered, why is there a dark mark on this wall?

At first I thought we hit the wall with my desk when we were “flipping” my office with the den. But then I realized the wall was also wet. A ding from desk did not do that. If the desk didn’t do that, then the dishwasher behind the wall must be the culprit.

After getting the dishwasher out of its cubby we ran it on the rinse cycle as we both laid on the floor watching the washer for leaks. 

Before we knew it there was water coming out of the dishwasher door. But the problem is this is diagonal from the wet wall. Being the daughter and sister of engineers and a rather logical thinker myself I grabbed a measuring cup to measure the water coming out the leak. I don’t know what I thought I would do with this information, but I collected it anyway.

Measuring the Leak

Measuring the Leak

We kept watching, when it started to drain guess what, it drained in the middle out of the machine onto the floor. RIP dishwasher.


RIP Dishwasher

We shoved the machine back in its cubby and are now waiting for a new machine to be delivered. We chose a machine with auto-shut off when there is a leak.

This is the third dishwasher we have replaced in our third house. I’ll wonder about that built in obsolescence as I dry the dishes tonight. Maybe this is a sign things are returning to some state of some sort of weird normal in our house!



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