While We Were NOT Wandering We Built Legos

While I was Wandering Around my House

Well here I sit. I’m certainly not wandering anymore.

While We Were NOT Wandering We Built Legos

While We Were NOT Wandering We Built Legos

Though Florida does not have a stay home order, we almost do with our beaches being closed, many pools closed, restaurants at carryout only, and malls closed. When we do wander out on a quest for food we are efficient, steer clear of others, and use our sanitizer freely.

We are both working from home, which is not new for us. We have been working together from home most of the nine years we have lived in Florida. We have our routine. And now, I have a new office.

Before the virus hit the US we had decided to flip my office with our den/TV room. We almost never used the den, and my office doubled as the guest room — which was difficult when actual guests were staying with us. With a bunch of weekends and evenings home we painted the den, put in a new floor, flipped all of the furniture, and are installing new window shutters. Both rooms work much better now. All we need is a new bed in the guest room — but neither of us is going in a mattress store now to try out beds. The bed will come in a few months.

Being an introvert and homebody the staying home and social distancing is not a challenge for me. I enjoy our home, catching up on jobs around the house, knitting or sewing, and binge watching  what I can on Disney+ (mostly Marvel movies). My husband on the other hand is an extrovert. Usually he is always up for anything — until now. He is learning the advantages of being a homebody. He started reading — this is a big deal. He would start books and be challenged to finish them. Now he’s read two books, and is making his way through a third book. We’re also keeping Lego in business! 

While We Were NOT Wandering We Read

While We Were NOT Wandering We Read

Will our lives return to normal? We don’t know. Maybe normal will be different after this. Maybe people will return to basics and be less scheduled. Maybe people will go to the other extreme and never be home again in some effort to feel normal.

What we do know is when Disney opens we hope to be some of the first people returning there. We are missing our escape from the real world, and if we ever needed an escape it was now. In the meantime my husband will escape to the Cotswolds and WW2 London in his books and I’ll escape to Asgard, Wakanda, Cleveland and other destinations in my Marvel movies.

While We Were NOT Wandering We Watched Movies

While We Were NOT Wandering We Watched Movies

Stay healthy — and six feet away from each other!

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