It’s Been a While, but I’m Back to Wandering in 2020

It’s been a while! This happened last year too! We get wrapped up in the activity of the holidays and then the start of a new year full of promise, resolutions, diets, and the next thing we know it’s February!


We closed out 2019 and I could choose to look at it as a really challenging year with some unexpected occurrences (like a dislocated elbow) that ate up a lot of time, money, and worry. Or I could look at it as a really good year (that included lots of travel).

Sure, we had expensive repairs to our AC, but we also got to explore two of Utah’s National Parks. There was that darn dislocated elbow, but we also got to explore Germany, Switzerland, and France. Then a bumpy road health-wise — I was even in Urgent Care on New Year’s Eve with an ear infection 😂, but we got to drink Starbucks from the first Starbucks in Seattle as well. Then there’s our jobs — can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Both my husband I decided we could live without our jobs that we had in 2019, and when 2020 opened we both started new jobs!

2020 is proving to be an adjustment so far. My new job is what we jokingly call a “grown up job”. I used to work from home, which meant a pretty loose schedule, very easy commute, and very casual dress code! Now I am up and out for my new job before I was even awake before! And, I’m dressed up! And I have to commute in my car! There is fun to the adjustment, it means lots of clothes and shoe shopping. I also got a new lunch bag. It was just like getting ready for the first day of school!

We are looking forward to more travel in 2020 — not as much as 2019, but some. We’ve got a family reunion in Indiana, my parent’s 50th anniversary in North Carolina, and a quick summer vacation in Tennessee planned.

I’m certain there will be bumps along the way — but without those bumps this blog wouldn’t exist! OK, time to go to bed — that alarm sure does go off early on Monday mornings!


One thought on “It’s Been a While, but I’m Back to Wandering in 2020

  1. Dan H. says:

    Hi Sarah,
    So, you didn’t elaborate on what kind of work you or Jeff are doing. I thought both of you were satisfied with the work you were doing.
    Cheryl is still working but I’m fully retired now. I still have a lot of muscle weakness from waist down that is affecting my mobility..


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