Welcome to Seattle

Our Unexpected Trip to Seattle: Pike Place Fish Tales, Starbucks, Amazon, and the Space Needle

And, just like that we were off again! We didn’t plan to go to Utah this year, and we certainly didn’t plan this trip to Seattle, but when an opportunity arose for both we jumped at them (well we packed our bags actually).

Welcome to Seattle

Welcome to Seattle

After a day of traveling and three hour time change we were ready for coffee when we arrived in the city — and we are in Starbucks’ hometown — so Starbucks it was! Speaking of Starbucks, the original Starbucks was very high on our list of places to go. The first morning we were up our destination was Pike Place Market.

I should preface all of this by saying my Aunt and Uncle have lived in Seattle for most of their marriage and pretty much all of my family has been to Seattle. That means certain things have gained a folktale-type legend status in my mind including receiving Salmon in the mail from Pike Place, the green and white Vashon Island ferry, and others. I was excited to finally see Pike Place to see where all the family fish tales started, and have a “real” Starbucks from store number one.

Now on to the important stuff. Coffee. We patiently waited in line to get to go in the first Starbucks. You enter and place your order like at any other Starbucks. The difference is in the merchandise. There’s a collection of First Starbucks mugs, bags, etc that are available at this store only. On top of my latte I added a mug for my lattes at home. Don’t worry — this post is not all about Starbucks!

This post is also about cheese, Bavarian food, French food, cookies, and fish! There is so much to see and eat in Pike Place! My husband enjoyed a German bratwurst lunch, I enjoyed a French ham and cheese croissant lunch, we enjoyed what is called “the world’s best mac and cheese” as we watched cheese being made, we munched on some cookies, and we looked at a bunch of seafood (some of that looked back!).


Being loyal Amazon customers, we also had to check out Amazon’s HQ and their biospheres. These are three glass bubbles that double as a greenhouse and a workspace. It is so strange to see these in the middle of a bunch of high-rise buildings.

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Part of the Amazon complex includes an Amazon Go store. I dutifully downloaded the app required to enter the store. After linking everything up I got a QR code on my phone that I could scan at the entrance of the store to let both my husband and myself in the store. Then you just pick up whatever you want off the shelf and put it in your bag (we opted to buy a reusable bag, you can also buy a paper bag). If you change your mind just put it back on the shelf. Somehow — there’s a ton of cameras and we guess scanners in the ceiling — it knows when you pick something up and when you put it back. When you are all done you just walk out. Yes, you just walk out. No scanning, no paying, nada. A few minutes later I got an alert on my phone with the receipt! If only my Target and grocery store at home were this convenient!

Our next destination was the Space Needle. This caused anxiety on my husband’s part. Remember, he is scared of heights. Waiting in a long line looking up didn’t make him feel any better. Then there’s the elevator that takes you up 605 feet. Can you tell which one is excited to see the views and which one is a nervous wreck in this picture?

Hello from the Space Needle

I will give my husband credit. He walked around the entire observation deck (close to wall, but he still did it), and he even managed to eat lunch up there! They have a few cameras installed around the Needle for selfies, and even a camera on a building in town that takes a selfie video. I loved the views — this is a fun stop and a must-do if you are not scared of heights.

Hello from the Space Needle

Once again, credit where credit is due — I was able to convince my husband to stop at the level with a rotating all glass floor! He did not go out on the glass, choosing to stay on the carpet by the wall, but I am impressed we even stopped on this floor. It was awesome! You can see the city below and around you! That’s the funky Museum of Pop Culture below me!

OK, Pike Place done, The Original Starbucks done, Amazon HQ done, Space Needle done. That’s Seattle done. We are ready to go home — no not really! There’s the Chihuly Gardens, an adventure on Vashon Island, and a day trip to Canada to see the Butchart Gardens! Keep watching for more fish tales from Seattle!

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