A Visit to a Real-Life Fairy Tale Village – Rothenberg ob der Tauber

We planned to visit Rothenberg ODT on our second day in Germany. We went to bed around 10 pm on our first night, and didn’t wake up until 10:30 am on the second day! Holy Cow! We slept over 12 hours. We missed breakfast – and we messed up our plans. After deciding we could go anyways, and we were off.

Hello from Rothenberg ob der Tauber!

Hello from Rothenberg ob der Tauber!

This happened to us on our last trip and on this trip too. We program the GPS and it sends us a totally different way than the directions I printed out from Google Maps. We decided to follow the GPS. This took us through a town with a US military base in it, and a McDonald’s. We stopped in there for breakfast/lunch since we missed breakfast at the hotel with our late start and free, clean bathroom.

We finally made it to Rothenberg and the parking lot outside the town. Rothenberg is a walled town, and driving in the city is discouraged. After working with another American tourist and Google Translate we were able to figure out how to pay for parking and get our parking tickets. Then we were off.  We walked into the town and to the Market Square – to hear an American High School marching band playing! We found out this was part of a tour around Europe for state marching bands. After navigating through the crowd, we embarked on our walking tour.

It seems like every single building in town is charming and half-timbered. It is like walking into a storybook version of Germany. In fact, it is such a fairy tale it was used as the inspiration for the village in Disney’s animated movie Pinocchio. Our walking tour took us into a church, to the water tower, into a convent garden, and the castle garden. On our way back to the Market Square we stopped in Kathe Wohlfarht’s store. This is a Christmas store like you have never seen before. Stuffed animals, nutcrackers, German Christmas pyramids, basically anything you can associate with Christmas is in this store.

We walked down the main gift shop street in town and stopped at a butcher because my husband saw lundjaeger in the window. This is a type of dried meat snack. He used to order it at a German restaurant on the New Jersey shore and he wanted to try “the real thing”. The verdict – it is better in Germany!

While We Were Wandering Rothenberg We Found Lundjager

While We Were Wandering Rothenberg We Found Lundjager

Our visit to Rothenberg was closed out with a trip back the Market Square to see the large-scale cuckoo clock play at 5:00. It was a cute show, and the men that popped out of the windows were enjoying some German beers – it’s 5:00 somewhere, even in Germany!


While We Were Wandering Rothenberg Town Square

We loved our day in Rothenberg. It is full of charm, and is a storybook setting. If we didn’t feel like we were in Germany in Nuremberg we 100% felt we were in Germany walking the streets of Rothenberg.

3 thoughts on “A Visit to a Real-Life Fairy Tale Village – Rothenberg ob der Tauber

  1. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, Rothenberg looks like an amazing place to explore and photograph. I would absolutely love to go visit Germany and drive along the famous Romantic road exploring beautiful towns and villages along the way.


  2. David Hoecker says:

    Your first Hello photo from Rothenberg is a classic! You can see it on postcards, jigsaw puzzles, travel posters, etc. Is there a set of footprints in the sidewalk saying “photo here”?
    As much German food as I have eaten, have never had or even heard of lundjaeger. Sounds a bit like less dried out beef jerky!


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