Exploring Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point Parks

After finally making it to Utah we were off to Moab to explore Canyonlands and Arches National Parks as well as Dead Horse Point State Park. But, before we explored the parks, these Floridians got to experience snow, rain, sleet, and hail on the way to Moab — in May!

Snow, Rain, Hail, and Sleet in MAY!!!

Snow, Rain, Hail, and Sleet in MAY!!!

To use one of my favorite expressions from high school: “What the heck!?” Talk about a shock for two Floridians who are usually on a beach or in Disney!

Our day spent in Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park was drizzly and cool, but for the first time ever, we packed appropriately and had rain coats, hats, and gloves with us.

A Rainy Day in Canyonlands National Park

A Rainy Day in Canyonlands National Park

Pitt Potty Nightmares

Pit Potty Nightmares

We set out early for Canyonlands. Our first stop was the visitors center and I discovered what a Pit Toilet really is. I had a good idea of what they were from the name. But my ideas were confirmed after the first visit.

I had mentioned to both my husband and mom that there were “Pit Pottys” in the parks and I would not be using them (I am most definitely not a camper), but when nature calls it calls. My husband gleefully sent this photo of me leaving the Pit Potty to everyone we know. The cartoon icon behind me just adds to the “charm” of the Pit Potty experience. 🤣

After recovering from the Pit Potty we were off to explore the park.

Our first stop was at Mesa Arch. When you visit these sights they are not right on the road. Generally you have anywhere from a quarter mile to as much as a two mile hike to the actual sight. Mesa Arch is a short hike from the parking lot. Our first hike!  For two beach bums who live in a flat state, this was a brand new and fun experience for us! We took our time and enjoyed the view along the way. We were rewarded with a great view. Of course, it was a cloudy day, but that didn’t hide the beauty of the view.

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After celebrating the success of our first hike we were off to the Grand View Point Overlook ready to tackle the world now that we were hikers!


Grand View Point Overlook

Even on a cloudy day when the weather was not cooperating the beauty of this area can not be hidden. It is pretty amazing to stand here and look out at the Park and Colorado River.

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We knew from reading before we came on the trip to pack our lunch, which we picked up in Moab before going to the parks. Even though we couldn’t eat at a picnic area, we sure enjoyed the view as we ate in our car. We then completed the drive around the Island in the Sky region of this park. It was mid-afternoon, so we decided to stop in Dead Horse Point State Park on our way back to Moab.

Boy, am I glad we stopped here. Guess what Dead Horse Point State Park has? Indoor Plumbing!!!! Plus they have a coffee stand! This beach bum’s pleas were answered with an indoor toilet and a vanilla latte!

Plumbing and Coffee!!!

Plumbing and Coffee!!!

All kidding aside, I loved this park — I mean how to you beat a view like this?


Dead Horse Point State Park

Do you recognize this location? You might recognize this if you have seen the movie Thelma & Louise. During filming this location subbed as the Grand Canyon where Thelma and Louise take their final drive.


Dead Horse Point State Park

We really enjoyed our time in both parks, but really enjoyed Dead Horse Point State Park. It is not as congested as the more popular Canyonlands and offers an amazing view of the Colorado River.

After completing our first day of hiking we were off to Moab for some relaxation and dinner in town. This was followed by an early night for an early morning the next day in the very popular Arches National Park. More on Arches to come later this week! Stay tuned!


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