Time Flies When You Aren’t Looking!

I was out with my Mom last week and commented that we have lived in Florida for seven and half years. We’ve been in our house for six years. This is an achievement or me. This is the second longest I’ve lived anywhere (consectutively), and just about the longest I have ever lived in one house.

While I was Wandering - Happy to be Home

While I was Wandering – Happy to be Home

If this is breaking records for me as to how long I have been here, I started to wonder why it felt so short. Yes, I know time flies, and time seems to go faster as you get older (come on, I’m in my early 40s — I’m not that old!).

My Mom pointed out A LOT has happened to us in seven and half years. Then we started listing them. We built a house, we got bedbugs and redid our entire bedroom (I mean entirely – new bed, new carpet, new drapes), our laminate flooring bubbled and we replaced it, my husband flooded our laundry room, my husband battled salmonella, we made it through our first major hurricane as Floridians, we became parents-in-law to my step-son’s new wife, then we became grandparents, we’ve said goodbye to my grandmother and my husband’s parents, we’ve been to France, we became Disney World Passholders….so much has happened — good, bad, sad, happy, and just plain weird!

While I was Wandering: Searching for an Endless Summer in Florida

While I was Wandering: Searching for an Endless Summer in Florida

Now, stuff happened to us in Pennsylvania as well, it just didn’t seem as frequent. Our basement flooded three times in eight years (don’t ask me why our houses flood so much). One flood was before we settled on the house and the builder didn’t do something properly. Another flood was because all the snow that had built up all winter long melted at once on a freakishly hot March day. In our first condo the roof leaked — again, another snow melt issue. At least you now know why moving to Florida was very appealing to us!

Here we sit, in our cute little house in Florida, breaking records, and living a pretty interesting and fun life. It may be weird sometimes, but that’s what keeps us smiling and laughing! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun — or drying out a flooded house!



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