Halloween (in August) in Disney

Boy oh boy! Have we had some fun the past couple of weeks! We’ve been in Disney for the opening of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, Magic Kingdom’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, my Birthday (and my blog’s), and a V.I.Passholder Evening in Epcot.

While I was Wandering: Scary Matching Shirt Couple!

While I was Wandering: Scary Matching Shirt Couple!

I’ll start with Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party where we went as a scary matching shirt couple!

This isn’t our first time at the party, this has pretty-much become an annual tradition for us. And yes, we went to a Halloween Party in August!

This year we focused on the food – this was a very food-centric week for us, so we decided to carry that focus into the party as well.

There are a lot of sweet and savory treats available during the party that are not available during regular park hours. We started out with the goal to try everything, but were getting really disappointed by the food, so we stopped about a third of the way through the food list.

As you can see the treats are definitely fun looking (you can tell Disney is catering their desserts to Instagram !). The Not-So-Poison Apple Cupcake was probably the best thing we ate that night – it is a really good apple cake – once you get by all of the buttercream frosting. We were really disappointed by the Doom Buggy dessert. I love cream puffs and was all set to love this, but it really didn’t taste good at all, it was pretty bland. The Hades Nachos were good – but really spicy (they had buffalo chicken and sriracha on them) it got really overwhelming. Thankfully we had put a large dollop of sour cream on the dish which helped a bit. After a few misses on the food we were on to the Parade.

The Boo To You Halloween Party parade is worth the price of admission for the party. We love this parade. You’ve got a Haunted Mansion float complete with grave diggers, a Pirates of the Caribbean float, Villains on Parade, and so many more! Plus Mickey and Minnie are in their Halloween Costumes!

While I was Wandering: Happy Hallowishes

The parade is followed by Happy Hallo-Wishes fireworks which are always amazing – basically any fireworks at Disney are amazing.

This show is also exclusive to the party and has a little story line along with it. I actually prefer the new Happily Ever After show to this one. Happily Ever After is not only a fireworks show, but also a projection show on the castle. It’s really well done. The Happy Hallo-Wishes show seems a little dated now.

Another addition to the party this year are some live actors in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! As we were in the queue there was one “pirate” locked in the cell you walk by, another one was telling us to beware of Gunpowder Pete before we boarded the ride, and then Gunpowder Pete was in a scene on the ride! It was a fun addition to the ride. It would be cool if they had this all the time.

No Halloween party is complete without a stop at the Haunted Mansion which we did. That is one advantage of going to the party – you can pretty much walk on any ride with minimal to no line.  Most of the wait is the actual walk into the ride – like Pirates – it’s a long walk to the boats!

While I Wandering: The Headless Horseman at the Train Station

While I Wandering: The Headless Horseman at the Train Station

As we left the party we stopped for our favorite “Magic Shot” with the PhotoPass photographers. Obviously they add in the Headless Horseman and the moon, but that is really how the train station looks during the party. Disney really does a good job decorating the park for the season and during the party adding a new layer of fun with smoke machines and special lighting.

Usually after this party we always say we can skip it next year, and yet here we are back at the party! We definitely enjoy the party, so we’ll see if we go back to it next year or not!

After this, we rested up for a day before going to Opening Day of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. That is a whole other post! We’ve been to the Festival four days already and it’s only been running for two weeks!

Stay Tuned!


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