While I was Wandering: Enjoy the Moment

While I was Relaxing

I’ve been under the weather the past few weeks, so have done a lot of resting. It is interesting when we are resting, or relaxing, we get a feeling of guilt or missing out in today’s world.

We are supposed to be busy all the time – working, doing chores, shopping, cooking, updating our blog – basically doing anything except taking a minute to breathe and relax in the quiet. Or we are supposed to be “in the know” immediately with social media and news alerts coming in on our phone constantly.

I watch people in lines at Disney on their phones checking I don’t what – the news, social media updates, email – and not being in the moment experiencing this vacation that they likely paid quite a bit for!

I watch people at airports doing the same thing – looking anywhere but around at their fellow travelers.

Even in our homes, we can’t take a minute to sit and enjoy the moment – because there is this feeling we should be doing something.

While I was Wandering: Enjoy the Moment

While I was Wandering: Enjoy the Moment

I have definitely been bored in some of my quiet recuperating moments, but I’ve also really enjoyed it. I realized I don’t need to read the news every minute – besides it doesn’t change that much. I also don’t need to see a picture the minute a distant friend posts it to social media. I don’t need to know the latest from a company on social media either.

This has been a little freeing. I only hope as I start to feel better I remember to follow the old quote and take a moment to “smell the roses”. Of course to even see the roses to smell them means I won’t be looking at my phone! It’s a goal to work towards.

Here’s to seeing and smelling more roses and looking at my phone less!

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