While I was Wandering I Ate in France

While I was Wandering I Ate

As I sorted through vacation photos to make a photo book I realized how much food and drink are a central part of our travels and life.

While going through pictures from France I found pictures of coffee, wine, cider, freshly squeezed OJ, baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat, escargots, steaks, omelets, croque madames, crepes, frites, macarons, cheesecakes, brownies, and ice cream. Breakfast was a special focus on this vacation with its ideal setting at La Maison de Lucie in Honfleur and impeccable service.


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When in New York City we are always on the search for Black and White cookies or cheesecake. I especially love the NYC style potato pancakes served with sour cream and applesauce. We usually always make sure to visit a steakhouse for dinner, as well as a famed diner. And then there are the NYC bagels – no trip to NYC is complete without a bagel and coffee!


In Disney food is a sport for us that we take very seriously.  We love our No Way Jose sundaes (Beach Club), baguette sandwiches (EPCOT), Mickey pretzels, turkey legs, sugar cookies, ice cream sandwiches (Plaza), cheese platters, and steak dinners (Yachtsman) along with mojitos, mimosas, beers, and slushies.


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At home food is a constant thought – whether I’m thinking about meals for the week before I go to the grocery store, planning to get chicken on $2.99 Tuesdays at The Fresh Market, or making a quick Target run.

We make plans with friends and family and they revolve around where we all want to go, new places, and classic standbys. If we make plans at a weird hour, like 1:00 we need to clarify if we will be eating later or not, or if we should arrive well fed.

After church we always have the great food debate – at 10:45 do we eat breakfast or lunch? If we eat lunch what will we eat at 4:00 when our stomachs are rumbling and demanding to be fed? Do we have a super early dinner then?

I also think of food (and blog posts!) as I pound the pavement and walk 2 to 3 miles every morning. While I am doing this on increasingly hot and humid mornings and I ask myself if I am crazy I always answer myself that if I want to eat my cheese platter, drink my mojito, and enjoy my No Way Jose I better keep walking.

Then there is the fact my husband and I are trying our hardest to lose weight. We are tracking our food and faithfully wearing our FitBits.  What we eat is constantly on our minds and we need to make sure we stay within our daily allowance. The loss is painfully slow, but we are getting there, we hope! Some weeks are better than others.

20170506_172621I guess the bottom line is I love food, my husband loves food, my family and friends love food. And yes, the walking is hot and sweaty, the tracking is a pain, but I’m telling you, that first spoonful of ice cream, bite of cookie, or sip of prosecco makes every step worth it!



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