Life isn’t Perfect, but Life is Good

I recently ordered some shirts from Life is Good for myself and my husband. The saying on the shirt is:

Life isn't Easy, Life isn't Perfect: Life is Good Photo from:

Life isn’t Easy, Life isn’t Perfect: Life is Good Photo from:

Life isn’t Easy

Life isn’t Perfect

Life is Good

This saying is accompanied by an image of a boat on rocky waters.

I love this saying. It is the perfect item for our life. We have had some very weird things happen to us, sad things happen to us, and challenging things happen to us.

From an epic bed bug infestation that resulted in a full remodel of our room, new bed, new floor, and refinishing of our furniture to spending Super Bowl Sunday in the ER over a stupid incident (nothing too serious, my husband was fine, just a bruised ego) we have had rocky waters in our life.

The important thing to remember as we replace one year old landscaping, battle shingles, quit jobs, or dry up a flooded laundry room (because we left the sink on) is although life is far from easy or perfect it is good.

The interesting thing to me is that all of these challenges, whether weird, normal, accidental or self-imposed all seemed so hard to get through when we were in the clutches of them, but for most of these we look back and laugh.

We haven’t started laughing about the bed bugs yet, but we do laugh about the time we got our couch wedged on an apartment staircase and couldn’t unwedge it to move it up or down. Honestly – we could have literally left the couch hanging on the staircase for weeks – it wasn’t going anywhere. At the time we were so frustrated and angry about it we didn’t see any humor in it. Almost twenty years later we laugh about it whenever we think about that time.

There was the time we were in a rented car in England, so we each felt we were on the wrong side of the car as a passenger or driver, and my husband pulled into a gas station for directions because we were lost, but instead of putting the car in park he put the wipers on and in his rush to put the car in park and stop the wipers spilled a drink all over the car. You had to be there, but reflecting on it – that is one of the funniest moments of our travels.

Then there is the time my husband slid down my brother’s steps leaving a bump in the wall and a bruise on his bum. Again, at the time it was pretty scary, but now pretty funny. That made my own slide down our son’s steps even funnier. At least my bum and his wall were left unscarred.  I was a little more gracious in my fall than my husband was!

I could go on and on with our weird stories – but instead I will sit here anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new shirts and think about all the good times. Yes, life is far from easy or perfect, but it sure is good.

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